As it has done with restaurants, digital signage allows retailers to hone in-store customer
engagement with more than visual appeal, an evolution that could reinvent the retail
Capitalizing on artificial intelligence converts traditionally static displays into key players in a
store’s revenue strategy. AI provides an informational platform where advanced signage can
instantaneously analyze countless data points to elevate standard AI into a new form of AI
known as actionable intelligence.
Think of actionable intelligence as a trigger for cross-selling, a tactic long at the core of
retail success. Bringing digital signage into the sales fold is critical, as nearly 70 percent
of customers say in-store messages sway their decisions, according to studies by Nielson
Media Research.
However, winning over consumers through digital signage advertisements involves more
than simply throwing up images or calls to action. Effective use of the technology entails
developing and using the right content at the right times and targeted to the right individuals.
Advances in digital signage design – the incorporation of cameras, analytical software and
manual inputs – enable the technology to accurately “see” and understand what is happening
both inside and outside a store.

Below are five key intelligence factors that differentiate displays so that they adapt to
audiences to personalize their experiences with relevant content and, ultimately, to entice
them to purchase.
Cameras anchored to displays positioned around the store are able to determine the gender
of customers entering its field of vision. Utilizing 3-D and artificial intelligence technology to
gain actionable insights, an algorithm within the display’s operating system can quickly be
deciphered to determine gender and approximate age so the sign shows related products.
That information can be collected and data of your customer traffic analyzed to better
optimize ads and promotions.
For instance, messaging about automotive products could appear as a man in his 20s or
30s, perhaps a car enthusiast, nears that section. It could show an ad for reading glasses to
older shoppers rather than to teens in the book aisle, making it more likely that the ad would
lead to a purchase.
Synced with live weather updates, digital displays can help promote products in immediate
need or for anticipated inclement weather events.
In the middle of a downpour with unprotected customers running for shelter, a display at
the front of the store could highlight the different umbrellas in stock or a line of raincoats. In
times of intense summer heat, the solutions could promote sunscreen or lead visitors to an
in-store restaurant for an ice-cold drink.
Every retail location is unique. Typically, there’s something specific to the location where the
store resides that appeals only to shoppers in that particular area. For example, logo wear
affiliated with the local high school would not be strong sellers in another region of the state
or country.

In places like Kentucky, displays could publicize Kentucky Derby memorabilia available in
locations near Louisville or push pre-packaged bourbon balls in spots around Bardstown,
which is home to nearly a half-dozen distilleries.
Time of day
Digital signs enable users to promote certain
products and specials during times of the day
when they are likely to sell more and move
more profitable items. Using a process called
day-parting, which has been successful in
restaurants, information can be gleaned from
a point of sale system tied into the displays
that tracks everything from sales to inventory.
Profitable items that aren’t selling well
could get a much-needed electronic boost,
especially if the store throws in a discount.
Special occasions
Holidays are prime selling times for retailers. Though not every month features a major
holiday, campaigns these days can stretch out a promotion for as long as a quarter of the
year. Because many holidays have widespread appeal to all ages and genders, signs are
able to tie in displays spotlighting countless products from around the store.
Child shoppers with their parents in a store around Easter might see a display showing
pastel-colored candy. Or, to engage the parents, the sign might show specials on formal
clothes for holiday events.
Actionable intelligence gives retailers options within its revenue-generating strategy to
expand or shore up coverage across their footprints with top-of-mind content designed to
entice more sales. It also converts digital signage into a versatile, customizable solution that
serves a brand’s unique needs and challenges while positively impacting the bottom line.
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