Enabling an Intelligent Planet

Advantech will embrace the vision of a “Enabling an Intelligent Planet”, strive the successful experience of the concept of altruism, and develop the benefits of industrial clusters, with a view to establishing a virtuous causal cycle Become an outstanding industry leader, and share prosperity with the society.

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Recruitment Process

Application Submission

You can create a profile and complete and apply your interested application on Advantech Raiser careers website.

Application Review

Your application will be reviewed by HR and hiring managers to ensure that you meet the criteria of the job opening.

First Interview

Selected qualified candidates will be invited for a first interview.

Final Interview

First interviews qualified will be scheduled to join final interview.

Job Offer & Welcome

If you are selected, HR will contact you and send you an offer letter for employment, which will include your on-board date, starting salary, and our pre-employment process.


Once you accept the offer, HR will work with you to initiate on-boarding activities.

We have excellent opportunities for works and growth. We invite partners with passion, enthusiasm and vision to join Advantech Raiser and enjoy it!